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This Dying Hour – “Resting Where No Shadows Fall” Track By Track

This Dying Hour - Resting Where No Shadows FallMuch acclaimed metal outfit This Dying Hour return to the fold with their blistering debut album, Resting Where No Shadows Fall, out Friday 30th September.

This Dying Hour first arrived on the scene back in 2006 with their extremely promising EP Longest Memory From The Shortest Life. Regrettably, just as everything was falling into place for This Dying Hour, they suffered a series of setbacks that were just too great to overcome; everything from death and marriage to money came between the band and its members.

It wasn’t until 2016 that Dave Pickup (Vocals) and Ash Whitelock (Guitars) decided to start the engine again to reform the band with the help of rotating members to fill the void. After many months of hard work, This Dying Hour finally crafted their debut album, entitled Resting Where No Shadows Fall. With a strong lyrical focus on the issues of the modern world, including war, corruption, ignorance and poverty, the band have a defined philosophy and unwavering belief in their values.

The band took time out to draft the following, detailing what each of the tracks on the album is actually about and giving an insight into their lyrical content.

Track 1 – War Drums

This track was inspired by The Bayeux Tapestry and depicts someone who is frightened of going to war and wishes it would just all stop. In this story the soldier is forced to fight and through his struggles finds a new sense of inner strength.

Track 2 – Asleep

This brutal ensemble represents all those who feel disconnected and isolated from those around them. In this tune, the fictional town this character lives in, has turned against him. The song is a progression of his madness, ending with him lashing out and taking back control of his life.

Track 3 – Path Of Unknown

This song was written as a reaction to all the political cover-ups and injustices that are hidden in the world. We address the greed of major companies/politicians and how living beings are treated like products creating an ever-growing divide in the modern world. Check out the video below.

Track 4 – Time To Die

A tongue in cheek song for every Zombie lover out there! This hard-hitting song paints the imagery of the end of the human race and our final battle to save ourselves.

Track 5 – Underworld

This dark twisted song tries takes your mind to the underworld. The character in this is a helpless victim trying to escape but being stopped by beasts and his inner demons. The lonely soul ends up approaching guiding lights thinking there’s a way to exit, only to be stopped but the unmerciful will of the dead.

Track 6 – Alive

‘Alive’ takes the listener to a world where the dead remain with the living.  In this story the other worldly beings take over a building and trap the humans inside, shaking the walls and building a sense of violence and despair. The people inside must work together to fight their way out.

Track 7 – Priapism

We’ve used this to hit a nerve with the listeners and create awareness of domestic abuse. The song is in three parts progressing from the situation being explained to the victim finding her strength and seeking revenge.

Track 8 – Room 108

This is our last kick in the face for the album. This song is based on a true overdose victim who passed in a hotel where the singer worked. This story will hopefully give the girl some form of life again.

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