Lemmy Getting Slot Machine Tribute

Lemmy at computer“I don’t trust anything that has people involved. I’d rather f*ck with a machine.”

That’s what Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister said about playing for stakes in a 2012 interview with Spin.

The Motorhead frontman, considered one of the major deities of heavy metal, has long had a love-hate relationship with slot machines. Some anecdotes even ascribe his well-known moniker to his constant pleas to friends to “Lemmy (lend me) a quid until Friday” so he can play the slots.

His proclivity for pulling down the lever on one-armed bandits has long been documented and celebrated. WWE Raw’s tribute to the man (Lemmy was a huge wrestling fan and had close ties with the organization) featured many of his non-musical interests, including of course slot machines.

Perhaps it’s just fitting, then, that after a few months after his death, Lemmy is getting his own slot machine: a Motorhead-branded game by NetEnt, the company behind Gala Casino’s popular Starburst slots.

The Motorhead machine was announced last month as the third in NetEnt’s Rock – The Tour series of games, and while his name may not be front and center, there’s no doubt that it’s a tribute specifically to Lemmy himself.

Of course, Lemmy and Motorhead aren’t the first heavy metal icons to have had a slot machine branded with their names. Thrash legends Megadeth unveiled their own online slot machine in 2012.

The game featured a collection of the band’s songs and videos, including Symphony of Destruction, Hangar 18, and Head Crusher, as well as mascot Vic Rattlehead playing the part of the bonus symbol.

A cartoon version of heavy metal pioneer Ozzy Osbourne has also graced the reels of a slot machine, albeit alongside the Osbourne clan, in MicroGaming’s The Osbournes branded slots, but the less said about that the better.

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