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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Here’s to another year…

2016 smallWith everyone posting their “I had a great year last year” posts on facebook I thought I’d join in, but with so much of it relating to the Moshville Times and its Crew I thought it would make sense to pop it up here. Also, I’m trying to put at least one original post up per day so this counts as my effort for January 1st!

Before all of the Crew, though, I have to say that my wife and family have been incredibly supportive and understanding in relation to my near-addiction to running this site. It’s time-consuming and every time I try to step back, something happens to draw me back in. And half the stuff I talk about at home ends up being about the site, a gig, an interview I might be netting and so on. So thanks, Gillian, for being awesome and putting up with me!

The Crew, though. Wow. There are around 25 of us now (without checking actual numbers) and everyone mucks in when they can. We are all part timers here, for those who don’t know. We have recruitment consultants, IT bods, teachers, students… all sorts. Everyone who works on this site does so in their spare time around actually earning money or spending their portion of taxpayer cash improving their education. Frankly, I think the dedication I’ve seen from everyone over the last year deserves a hearty “thank you”.

I think this year we’ve gained quite a few members, mainly from word of mouth or them just dropping me an email. Once saw my t-shirt at a gig, another got in touch after seeing a post shared on facebook, one’s an old uni mate who I’d barely spoken to in years (and who now holds the record for the most-read post in the site’s history).

Compared to the likes of Kerrang, MH, Team Rock and Terrorizer (not to mention many of the other independent networks) we’re small fry – and yet we’re still taken seriously by some wonderful PR companies and labels. I hesitate to list any simply as I know I’ll miss people out and don’t want them to be offended, but Rage PR, Nuclear Blast, Napalm Records, Against, Noise Cartel, Cosa Nostra, Domino, Progsphere, Season of Mist, Relapse, Indie, Clawhammer, Asher, Transcending Obscurity, Noble, Mascot, I Like Press, Eclipse, Earshot, Metal Inquisition, Rookie… those amongst many others have been happy to furnish us with the opportunity to review early releases, interview bands and attends gigs. And that’s not even including the self-managed artists who’ve been so forthcoming with their time as well. Again, apologies if I missed anyone (and I know I have – so many!) but one of my tasks this year is to get a proper mailing list together for all those contacts. Hopefully next year I’ll include everyone!

The facebook page has passed 2000 “likes” and on a bad day we get 300 articles read (peaks around 3000). We’re always looking at ways to expand so if you’re interested in joining the Crew, then do ask. We mainly, at the moment, need writers/reviewers. The contact link is up top!

We don’t have any major plans as such for this year other than keeping going, improving where we need to and enjoying the hell out of it. This is a wonderful scene to be a part of with huge support from what in other industries would be rivals. Nobody’s really out to do better than anyone else – we’re here to love the music, spread the word and make the most of it while it lasts!

Here’s to another incredible year with an incredible Crew and incredible support from incredible people!

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