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Proud moments as a parent

Alestorm - Sunset on the Golden Age 192MoshThis post probably follows on from a recent one where I rattled on about the use of classic disco tracks in encouraging our younger generations to listen to proper music. It’s kind of similar, but is more important to me as the younger generations in this case are two of my own kids.

Now, my son (seven) likes Sabaton and Alestorm (and Patent Pending). So it’s not unusual to have him sat in the car singing along to the occasional song in that seven-year-old kind of way where he doesn’t get the words right, but has a good time all the same.

Well, yesterday we were heading to the swimming and I decided to pop Alestorm’s superb Sunset on the Golden Age on the car stereo as it’s one of his favourites. Top tracks for him are – perhaps worryingly – “Drink” and “Hangover”.

As soon as the latter kicks in, he’s straight away belting out the words (more accurately than usual) and singing “Doo-doo-doo-dodododo-dee-doo-doo” over the musical parts.

Then I realised I was getting some kind of echo. Only it wasn’t – it was his little sister sat in the back seat singing along too!

Not even three years old and showing incredible taste in music already. She’s right in there with the “HEY” and the “Doo-dee-doo” parts. Although, in fairness, we have a little work to do as she complains when the title track starts as “I don’t like that – it’s too noisy”. I think it’s just so we’ll put “Hangover” back on again, though.

I know the song’s a cover, but it’s a quality one, and if it gets my kids into listening to “my” music then I’m all for it! Having something to share with your kids is always a good thing, and when it’s something as important to me as rock and metal then so much the better.

Can’t wait to see the band live again, possibly at Sausagefest and definitely in their co-headliner with Sabaton in the new year – the day before Little Mister’s eighth birthday!

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