Eurovision Day 20: Slovenia / San Marino

Eurovision 2015 192Each day in the run-up to the finals, we’re doing two tracks from the 2015 Eurovision Song Competition and tearing them to shreds analysing them carefully in a bid to predict the winner on May 23rd.

SLOVENIA: Maraaya – “Here For You”

Mosh: Why do so many female singers try to rip off Macy “100-a-day” Gray’s croaky voice? There are a handful in this competition alone. The song starts badly, then throws in so many different sections (piano, drum machine, strings, dance…) that it just becomes a mess. Ditch the overbearing drums and it might have been a bit better. 2/5

Dave: It’s not going to win, it’s all about how being there for you when you feel down, it has that effect on me. Did you ever see that Supersize Me film about eating McDonald’s every meal for a month? Well, the end result for yer man on that is similar to the feeling I’ve got as a result of doing all this listening to shite for the last few weeks. I’m going to make a film called Eurovision Me so that I can warn the rest of you all not to do it. NUL PWA!

SAN MARINO: Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola – “Chain of Lights”

Mosh: Oh, no. Another song about all being lovely to each other and changing the world. Done as a balladic duet. With random electronic sounds and pretend drums all over it. In case you don’t get the message, the lyric are repeated constantly. Urgh. 1/5

Dave: Ah, the minnows (until Gibraltar turned up) of European football. I’ll give them NUL PWA straight away as that’s what they usually score when playing footy. As you can imagine, I have almost lost the will to live now and this duet is pushing me over the edge. The song is called “Chain of Light” and they are singing about everyone lighting a candle… guess what the stage show is going to look like, eh? It’s going to be a health & safety nightmare. NUL PWA!

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