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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Eurovision Day 10: Greece / Hungary

Eurovision 2015 192Each day in the run-up to the finals, we’re doing two tracks from the 2015 Eurovision Song Competition and tearing them to shreds analysing them carefully in a bid to predict the winner on May 23rd.

GREECE: Maria-Elena Kyriakou – “One Last Breath”

MOSH: Wouldn’t be out of place in a musical and credit to the lass, she has a pair of lungs on her. Thing is, she’s from Cyprus and they’ve already got a team in it so would it cause problems if she did well and they didn’t. Score adjusted accordingly. 4/5

DAVE: “One Last Breath” is the name of this song. Oh, if you must insist…..THUD!! Jebus, this is a ballad-by-numbers – you name it, it’s got it. Nothing works. Onwards to Hungary…. NUL PWA!

HUNGARY: Boggie – “Wars For Nothing”

MOSH: I Googled Boggie (*giggle*) and found her video for “Parfum”, a previous song. Worth checking out. And annoyingly for her, far better than this comparatively banal effort. Proof that she “can do better” and as a teacher I therefore have to mark her down for failing to try. Even the title’s the result of copying from one of the other kids in the class. Edwin Starr gets a big green tick, Boggie gets 2/5

DAVE: War is bad, m’kay. Yeah we know….but without war we wouldn’t have loads of Thrash Metal classics, so war is good, m’kay. Feck this, I’m going back to Nina in Georgia. NUL PWA!

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