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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Meet the Moshville Times team!

creative-writingOver the last week we’ve doubled the number of “staff” here at Moshville Towers, so I thought I’d rattle off a few words to introduce us all here. None of us make a penny from the site (in fact it costs me to have it hosted), some post more than others, but all do our bit to keep you lot out there up to date with news, reviews and interviews because we all love metal!

Here’s the current roster. If you’re interested in joining the team then feel free to drop me a line via the contact page.

MOSH – The Big Cheese. Founded the site about 2 years back after the music posts on his personal blog started to take over. In real life, a secondary school teacher with three kids. Musical tastes are pretty eclectic – Bon Jovi (deal with it) to Boltthrower to Behemoth Anthrax to ZZ Top.

SEAN – Glasgow-based and a music student with a near encyclopaedic knowledge of classic thrash and related genres. If there’s anything Sean doesn’t know about the likes of Cancer, Pestilence and Destruction then it probably didn’t really happen.

TALIA – Anchored securely on the south coast of England, she is our resident pirate captain, symphonic metal expert and female-fronted band specialist. Alestorm to Halestorm, she’s your wench.

PROGGER – As the name suggests, a prog fan to the bone and also maintains/writes for progify.com. A big promoter of up-and-coming prog acts, he really knows his Dream Theatre from his Periphery.

MARK – Specialising in the punk end of the scale, Mark also scribbles reviews for many other sites and has published short stories and poetry elsewhere. He pogos his way around the Scottish central belt.

JAMES – Also based around Glasgow (it’s a great town for gigs), he’s our resident death / melodic death demon and the most recent addition to the (non-existent) payroll.

Hopefully the new faces and typing fingers means we can cut through the backlog and get more of the stuff on on the page that you people want to read!

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