Richard “Ricky” Fleming

Aging rocker still yearning for the old days and reliving my youth.  Can’t get enough music, playing football, computer games, gigging as much as the funds will allow me (Glasgow has gone mental with gigs in the last couple of years) and of course, Laurel and Hardy.

From: Hamilton (Lanarkshire)

Preferred genres: Death Metal/Dark Ambient and some Black Metal

5 favorite bands: Entombed / Autopsy / Obituary / Acid Bath / MZ412

5 favorite albums:

  • Cause of Death – Obituary
  • Left Hand Path – Entombed
  • Mental Funeral – Autopsy
  • When the Kite String Pops – Acid Bath
  • In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi – MZ412

Most embarrassing album I own: Welcome to the Pleasuredome – Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Favourite venues: Barrowlands, Audio, Cathouse, Garage (all Glasgow)

First gig: Tigertailz… everyone went through a glam phase right? Right?!

Favorite gig: I have been to so many good gigs but more recently, the first Lords of the Land Festival with Obituary, Napalm and Carcass on there was something special

Favourite drink: Jack n Coke. Guinness and lager too (not in the same glass though)

Favorite food: Pizza and macaroni cheese n chips (again, not on the same plate)