Tuesday, July 23, 2019
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Max Southall

Max SouthallI’m at college at the moment studying Politics, Psychology and philosophy and play the Drums and bass LITERALLY ALL THE TIME.

From: Down South

Preferred genres: Anything with character but as a rule of thumb; the heavier the better!

5 favorite bands: AC/DC, System Of A Down, Motörhead, Airbourne/Steel Panther (for a laugh) and more recently Lamb Of God and Ghost (Yes I know that’s not 5)

5 favorite albums: Fly on the Wall – AC/DC, Iowa – Slipknot, Exit… Stage Left – Rush, Surgical Steel – Carcass, Kill ‘Em All – Metallica

Most embarrassing album I own: Up All Night by One Direction… Do NOT ask, I was a lot younger and had only just been baptised by the glory of glam metal!

Favourite venues: Concorde 2  and The Haunt in Brighton or O2 Kentish Town Forum in London

First gig: Bootleg Beatles when I was about 10. My second was Tenacious D at 12!

Favorite gig: Foo Fighters surprise gig in Brighton (Concorde 2) after which me and my friend chased the tour bus up the road! Or maybe Black Sabbath on the first of their last two dates in London on “The End” tour. The Dillinger Escape Plan was pretty righteous too!

Favourite drink: A piping saucer of tea *adjusts spectacles and straightens top hat*.

Favorite food: Too hard to answer… something delicious though…