From: Eh.

Preferred Genres: Atmospheric and Pagan Black Metal. Tasting other subgenres such as Depressive as well.

Favourite bands: Khors, Burshtyn, Nokturnal Mortum, Arkona, Moonsorrow. I’ll also add Krumkač and Raventale as honourable mentions.

Favourite albums: There are loads of excellent ones. For that matter, I will not mention any in particuliar.

Favourite venues: The Art Zavod Mechanica in Kharkiv (Ukraine). It was formerly a locomotives then a tanks factory. It kept some steampunk features and is now a place for festivals, art exhibitions, concerts and such.

The Parlament Club in Plzeň, Czech Republic, is basically a metal bar in a cellar with a tiny stage for generally black metal concerts. It has a certain charm and this is also a perfect plan for a week-end.

Most embarrassing album owned: None.

First gig: Dropkick Murphys in Paris, February 2013. I was 16.

Favourite gigs: Burshtyn at Ragnard Reborn 2018 (Kharkiv, Ukraine) ; Khors at The Parlament Clup in Plzeň (Czech Republic), November 2018 ; Arkona at Gare de Lion in the middle of nowhere in Germanic Switzerland, June 2019. There will hopefully more to come!

Favourite drink: Baileys.

Favourite food: Basically anything Irish and always interested in Ukrainian cuisine.