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We here at Moshville Times recognise that you don’t have to be all grownded up (Mrs Mosh’s words) to enjoy music and to be able to tell other people about it. We already have a couple of writers as young as 14 on the Crew and we’re seeing more than a handful of school/college-aged bands coming through on Band of the Day and various EP releases. Heck, one of the most popular articles we published around Bloodstock last year was written by 11-year old Zach!

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So, to give our younger audience a chance to get involved with the Crew we’re launching a Young Writers Competition beginning… now! Anyone from 13-18 years of age can enter and all you need to do is supply us with a review of a gig you’ve been to, an album you like or an opinion piece that you think would fit on our site. Whatever you write about should be around 400 words in length. We’re after quality and insight, a sense of humour and accuracy, knowledge and passion.

Any successful entries which make the grade will be published and the editorial team will pick the best of the bunch to receive a prize pack which will include a bunch of Moshville Times goodies, a certificate and an offer to join the Moshville Times crew! This will include the chance to meet bands, interview them and review gigs (venue age restrictions apply, sadly).

The competition is open to anyone aged 13-18 at the closing date which is 1st May 2017, and who is UK resident. All entries should be submitted in Word, ODT (Open Office) or RTF format to and include your name, age, where you’re from and a little bit about you – what music you like, who your favourite bands are and so on. Check out our own Crew profiles to get an idea!

If any schools or other youth organisations want to make bulk entries or require further information then please get in touch via the same address.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what our young writers can come up with!

Thanks to Katie Frost Photography for designing our flyers

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