Competition Time!

Eviscerated Panda
Eviscerated Panda

Sarah Tipper has a lot to answer for. First she gets me to create a new category for book reviews by sending me her metal-centred debut novel. Then, by giving me permission to give it away, I have to create another category for competitions.

My OCD is taking out a contract on her.

Anyway, if you fancy winning my review copy of her book Eviscerated Panda: A Metal Tale (reviewed yesterday), then answer the following question:

Who would win in a fight – Lemmy or God?

Then Read The Rules:

1. UK residents only. Sorry, I make no money at all from this site (actually, it costs me per month to run/host it) so I can’t afford to fork out to ship it overseas.

2. Over 18’s only. The book’s got some adult content and I want to cover my own pert little bum.

3. Closest answer to the one I have in my head wins. In the event of a tie-break, I’ll pick a winner randomly. Names on bits of paper fed to the baby – whichever comes out of her poop-hole first wins. [ok, maybe not]

4. Entries must be emailed via the Contact Page on the Moshville Times blog. I won’t take winners from blog or facebook comments.

5. Closing date is 5pm (BST) on June 5th. Any entry after that time will be tutted at and ignored.

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