Living Deäd Lights – new video

A recent New Band of the Day, Living Deäd Lights, are back with a new video. This one's for "This Is Our Evolution" from the upcoming album Black Letters due out on January 27th 2014. Cracking track - give it a listen!

Deicide – new lyric video

What better day than Hallowe'en to release a new Deicide video? Featuring the latest track from In the Minds of Evil, it's sure to appeal on this particular festive date. The track's called "Thou Begone" and you can enjoy it... now! You'll have to wait until the 25th for the album to be released, though. … Continue reading Deicide – new lyric video

Lost in Echoes – update

Featured on these pages way back in March, Lost in Echoes have some new material out and a bit of other news. Ben, the band's new drummer, dropped me an email to make sure I could keep you lot up to date! Their previous EP Kingdoms is almost two years old now, and when I featured them … Continue reading Lost in Echoes – update

GWAR’s Oderus Urungus reads a bedtime story

Struggling to get the kids to go to sleep? Have no qualms about your little ones learning to swear like a galactic overlord? Don't give a crap if they have nightmares? Ladies and gentlemen, Oderus Urungus reads Goodnight Moon.

Shining (NOR) do a one-take “live” video

To "celebrate" the location of their recording studio being torn down to make way for some flates, Norway's Shining decided to record a live video. It was shot in one continuous take by Norwegian National TV using one video camera, two mics to record the band and one mic to record the vocals. No video or … Continue reading Shining (NOR) do a one-take “live” video

Hatebreed – full Brazilian set!

Yup, the whole of Hatebreed's Monsters of Rock set from Sao Paolo. Featuring Mike D'Antonio of Killswitch Engage and Andreas Kisser of Sepultura. And it's in HD. And it's Hatebreed so it's awesome. D'Antonio is covering for regular bassist Chris Beattie who's had surgery on his wrist after a bad fall recently.