Catching up with Southern Train Gypsy

Another New Band of the Day, this one from way back in May,  who are still going strong are Southern Train Gypsy. Duane got in touch to tell me they have a new video out today for the track "The Healing". I had a sneak peak and it's great stuff. Remember the old Pantera "Vulgar … Continue reading Catching up with Southern Train Gypsy

GWAR news

Two items as I'm way behind due to being a slacker. First up is the most recent - GWAR have just released their latest video, this one for "Madness at the Core of Time" from current album Battle Maximus. Quoth Oderus: "We made a video?  I have been so busy touring, getting loaded and mouthing off … Continue reading GWAR news

Amon Amarth – new lyric video

Currently on the road as part of the Defenders of the Faith tour, Amon Amarth have just released a new video for the track "As Loke Falls" from their current album Deceiver of the Gods. They're finishing off work on the next "proper" video - for "Father of the Wolf", and this will be released in … Continue reading Amon Amarth – new lyric video

Water Knot – “Lust” video now live

Remember in Water Knot's New Band of the Day post I mentioned that their new video featured boobies and an F1 car? But that I couldn't share the video? Well now I can. So here it is. Though I admit that the F1 car is... truncated.

In Solitude – live videos

Seeing as In Solitude were kind enough to give me some time for an interview (much as Skype did its best to fuck it up) before heading off for their US tour, I'm happy to plug the guys again with some footage they shot during that tour supporting Watain. There now follows the press release, … Continue reading In Solitude – live videos

Living Deäd Lights – new video

A recent New Band of the Day, Living Deäd Lights, are back with a new video. This one's for "This Is Our Evolution" from the upcoming album Black Letters due out on January 27th 2014. Cracking track - give it a listen!