Thursday, November 26, 2020
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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Single Review: The Wake – Hammer Hall

It’s safe to say that 2020 isn’t the year that anyone expected, even more so seeing the rebirth of one of my favorite gothic rock bands The Wake – who not only return, but return with a new single after [...]

September 24, 2020 Single Reviews

Single Review: Apollo Stands – Shitty Zombies

Norwich-based band Apollo Stands have released a new single titled “Shitty Zombies“, a somewhat provocative name for a somewhat provocative song. Sadly, this song isn’t a reference to the shambling, moaning, living undead of the classic horror movies we know [...]

September 19, 2020 Single Reviews

Single Review: Chaos Bleak – Regrets Are For Yesterday

Chaos Bleak began life as a question: What would Play Dead have sounded like if they formed in 2019? It’s a tantalising quandary that’s been answered perfectly by this Nottinghamshire trio. Like master alchemists they’ve taken the aesthetic of Play [...]

September 8, 2020 Single Reviews

Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts celebrate “Newcastle Charm”

Many of you may already know I’m from Tyneside (born on the south of the River, went to school and Church on the north… and by church I mean St James’ Park!), so I have a soft spot for everything [...]

September 1, 2020 Single Reviews

Single Review: Mantis and the Prayer – Murder Ballad and the Blue

Melbourne three-piece Mantis and the Prayer have released double A-side EP, Murder Ballad and the Blue. The two-track EP features “I Know You” and “Go Too Far” with themes of tragedy and disconnection, this, ladies and  gentlemen are right up [...]

August 23, 2020 Single Reviews

Single Review: Mothman and the Thunderbirds – “Nomad”

Mothman and the Thunderbirds, from Philadelphia, is a very unique one-man sludge and doom act. His debut single is titled “Nomad”, the song starts out with an acoustic introduction before the deep heavy riffs come in, but after a time [...]

August 16, 2020 Single Reviews