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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Russkaja – Peace, Love & Russian Roll

Russkaja are a band that, sadly, few people I know have heard of. Until I find out they’ve not heard of them and then I force them to listen to “Energia” and transform them into fans. They’re a strange band, [...]

July 10, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed

Powerwolf are a band of frustration for me. Consistent high quality, albums which are “all killer, no filler”… and to the best of my knowledge they’ve never played a gig anywhere in the UK outside of London – at least [...]

July 8, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Nyves – Anxiety

When I first heard that Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) and Randy Torres (ex- Project 86) were collaborating on something, I was suitably excited. Demon Hunter’s albums have always had a special place in my music library and I’ve got all [...]

July 8, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Estrella – We Will Go On

There’s been many people looking forward to a new Estrella album for some time now, myself included. It’s hard to believe three years have passed since their mighty debut, Come Out to Play. In the time between albums, they’ve toured [...]

July 7, 2015 Album Reviews

Download Festival in Review: Sunday

Sunday. This was looking to be the best day of the weekend from the initial announcement. A day which just got better and better and better. A day which a lot of young people weren’t bothered with but older people [...]

July 7, 2015 Gig Reviews
Photo credit: Bernie Galewski

Book Review: The Mega Metal Diary of Cleö Howard 1998 by Sarah Tipper

Another good read from Ms Tipper, and an easy book to plough through in stages due to the diary format. You definitely need to read the first volume (The Very Metal…) before this, but these can be read before or after [...]

July 7, 2015 Book Reviews