Wednesday, September 18, 2019
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Festival Review – ArcTanGent Festival 2019

ArcTanGent has been a highlight of my musical calendar for the past four years, providing a chance to see loads of captivating bands whilst hanging out with good pals. A relatively small and fairly niche festival, ArcTanGent has everything going [...]

September 3, 2019 Gig Reviews

Gig Review: Duff McKagan featuring Shooter Jennings – Academy 3, Manchester (1st September 2019)

“Do you know anything about this new record? God, I fuckin’ hope so…” Duff McKagan says, greeting the crowd and strapping on his acoustic guitar as he leads Shooter Jennings and his band back onto the stage. As McKagan’s latest [...]

September 3, 2019 Gig Reviews

Album Review: Ezkaton – Sheen And Misery

The Ukraine-based label Ashen Dominion is in radiant shape and is gearing up for this autumn with numerous high-quality signings, amongst which are Ezkaton. This is a rather young depressive black metal project founded in 2018 with already two EPs [...]

September 1, 2019 Album Reviews

EP Review: Crooked Thieves – Adrenaline

Seriously, what are they putting in the water in Melbourne? There’s been a slew of great hard rock bands come out of there in recent years and being our resident hard rock guy, I wanted to check this out. And [...]

August 30, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: The New Roses – Nothing But Wild

In classic rock circles, the name The New Roses is probably one already ingratiated into the minds of its followers. But as is the way, sometimes bands can produce a number of albums before they make themselves known to you. [...]

August 30, 2019 Album Reviews

Album review: Dog Tired – The Electric Abyss

Hailing from Penicuik in Midlothian Scotland, Dog Tired have been stomping their shit through thick and thin for nearly fifteen years now. Through their take on groove metal ala Lamb of God and Pantera mixed with a heavy dose of [...]

August 28, 2019 Album Reviews