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Review: Miss Vincent – Reasons Not To Sleep

Southampton band Miss Vincent lock horns with punk rock on their new EP ‘Reasons Not To Sleep’. The fast paced sound is energetic and infectious, and the act look like they’re having fun, pushing their hands up into the thick [...]

May 29, 2015 Album Reviews
T. Rex and Marc Bolan

Review: T. Rex And Marc Bolan – For All The Cats

One of the reasons I do not like classifying music by genre is, when I was a teenager (many, many years ago) , it all got a bit tribal. If you liked Punk, you didn’t listen to Rock. If you [...]

May 27, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: The Graveltones – Love Lies Dying

Merely by chance, I was asked to review The Graveltones debut album, Don’t Wait Down, back when I was writing for another website. With one listen, I was sucked in with their dirty, grungy blues rock, dumbstruck at the lack [...]

May 22, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Black Talon – Endless Realities

It was only recently that I’d heard of these guys. Bits and pieces of Black Talon gradually started making their way into my social media feeds and then when I heard that they were supporting Flotsam and Jetsam in Glasgow tonight I [...]

May 20, 2015 Album Reviews
Rosh Logo from A Farewell To Kings album.

Review: Twelve Months Of Rush – A Farewell To Kings

The April release on vinyl in the Twelve Months Of Rush is A Farewell To Kings. I have found this review the hardest to write so far (which is why I am writing about April’s release in May). Why have [...]

May 18, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Dö – Den

Dö first dirtied our doorstep a few months back when they featured as “Band of the Day” with their untitled debut EP. Well, they’re back with a slightly longer release this time clocking in at a whopping four songs! In fairness, [...]

May 16, 2015 Album Reviews