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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Dearly Beloved – Enduro

When some promo info comes through describing a band as “stoner/prog/Goth/punk”, you wonder if they’re just all over the place or if they’re hard to pigeonhole because they don’t want to be boring. Dearly Beloved fall firmly into the second [...]

June 13, 2014 Album Reviews

Funeral Horse – new album launched

Almost a year ago, Funeral Horse got in touch and I featured them as a Band of the Day. Months on and they’re back with a new album, out now, called Sinister Rites of the Master. You can pick it up [...]

June 10, 2014 Album Reviews

Review: HELLYEAH – Blood for Blood

A week before it comes out and you may have had a chance to listen to it courtesy of a stream on Metal Hammer recently. Still, it’s a big release from one of metal’s more popular “supergroups” – so is [...]

June 6, 2014 Album Reviews

Imperative Music Volume VI – and how to get your band on their samplers!

Imperative Music kindly sent me Volume VI of their ongoing series of sampler CDs to check out recently. Between the postal service (it came from Brazil with some lovely stamps on) and me being crap, Volume VII is already out [...]

June 5, 2014 Album Reviews, News

Review: Electric River – The Faith & Patience

I’d heard very little by Electric River (one streamed track and a single on YouTube, I think) when I interviewed them a couple of weeks ago after their performance in Glasgow. Despite this, their live show grabbed me and the [...]

May 31, 2014 Album Reviews

100-Word Review: Dust Bowl Jokies – The Wicked /// Blood, Sweat & Perfume

This is only a 2-track EP and I’m ridiculously late putting something up about it. However, I’m doing to because a) I promise the PR chap that I would and b) it cropped up on random play on my phone the [...]

May 24, 2014 Album Reviews