Interview: Bloodshot Dawn at Glasgow Audio, 28th October 2014

[avatar user="Sean" size="50" align="left" /]As I said in my review, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bloodshot Dawn and Seprevation. I met the Bloodshot Dawn guys first. We spoke a lot about their recently released new album Demons, and the Kickstarter campaign which helped with the album's production. We also had a chat about the … Continue reading Interview: Bloodshot Dawn at Glasgow Audio, 28th October 2014

Interview: Alunah’s Soph Day

With their third album, Awakening The Forest out at the start of October and a European tour recently drawn to a close, Soph - lead singer and guitarist of Alunah - kindly took some time out to answer a few questions for us. Alunah are on the cusp of re-releasing their first two albums (as Soph does … Continue reading Interview: Alunah’s Soph Day

Interview: Alestorm

With the wind in our sails, the sound of boards creaking and a final "YAHAAR" we finally get to the last of our piratically-themed interviews from the recent Piratefest gig at The Arches in Glasgow. Headliners Alestorm thrust lead singer/songwriter Chris Bowes and bassist Gareth into the firing line to answer some more inane questions. … Continue reading Interview: Alestorm

Interview: Lagerstein

The third in my series of interviews on the high seas recorded at The Arches in Glasgow, while Alestorm and co. sailed through as part of their Piratefest tour. Lagerstein were main support on the bill, having flown in from Australia (well... kind of... listen in and find out what caused them some problems). Find … Continue reading Interview: Lagerstein

Interview: Red Rum

More pirate-ness with Nottinghamshire's favourite virtuoso baroque pirate metal sextet (although, in fairness, there probably aren't that many virtuoso pirate metal sextets in the Midlands), Red Rum. I had the chance to speak to Sam the keyboardist and Sam the guitarist before their show at The Arches in Glasgow. Find out what a bouzouki is, … Continue reading Interview: Red Rum

Interview: Rainbowdragoneyes (Eric W. Brown)

Delayed somewhat due to work and some medical downtime, here's the first of the interviews from the Piratefest date at the Arches in Glasgow, on the 19th of October. Eric W. Brown is a very busy man, and one of his projects is the extreme chiptune dance metal one-man-act Rainbowdragoneyes. I talked to Eric (and … Continue reading Interview: Rainbowdragoneyes (Eric W. Brown)