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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Band of the Day: Six Inch

Ah, there are as many obvious jokes to do with the name “Six Inch” as there were with former Band of the Day Thulium‘s fixation with the number 69. But I, obviously, wouldn’t sink so low. And if you believe [...]

February 18, 2014 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: House of Hats

Perhaps not the heavy stuff that many of you look for, but as ever I’m all about variety here. House of Hats are a four-piece playing acoustic music which is quite folky, but shows some great guitar work and excellent [...]

February 17, 2014 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Schemata Theory

Schemata Theory are based in Reading, so I hope they’re not underwater at present. They’ve been together as a band since 2011 and within a year had released their debut album, Dry Lung Rhetoric. This was very well received and the [...]

February 16, 2014 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Skywalker

Who doesn’t like a bit of Czech hardcore, named after a man who wanted to date his own sister? Headbanging and incest. There’s a combination for you. They’re from Prague, which is convenient as it’s the only Czech city I [...]

February 15, 2014 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Woahnows

From Oz yesterday to the UK today. You don’t do much longer journeys. Musicwise, also a big change: industrial metal to pop/punk. A relatively recent addition to the Big Scary Monsters stable, Plymouth indie-punk trio Woahnows are ready to serve [...]

February 14, 2014 Band of the Day

Cover Song of the Day: Sweet Child ‘o Mine by Postmodern Jukebox

Way off the beaten track with this one! As I’ve said before, to record a really good cover you have to take the original and make it your own. There’s a separate place for cover bands whose job it is [...]

February 14, 2014 Classic Covers