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Classic Covers: Akatsuki – Soldier of Fortune

Akatsuki is well known here at Moshville Towers, being a solo musician who throws his projects our way once in a while with a “check this out and let me know what you think”. He’s in this for the love [...]

August 10, 2014 Classic Covers

Cover Song of the Day: Betraying the Martyrs – Let It Go (from Disney’s Frozen)

Like many parents the country over, I’ve been suffering repeated playings of yet another Disney soundtrack since before the film’s release several months ago. Duped into going to see a comedy about a reindeer and a living snowman – sold [...]

July 15, 2014 Classic Covers

Cover Song of the Day: Surf Wax America by You Blew It!

Florida’s You Blew It! are releasing a whole EP of Weezer covers called¬†You Blue It in July, and this is the first track from it that’s been released as a teaser. While I’m not Weezer’s biggest fan, it’s interesting to [...]

June 26, 2014 Classic Covers

Cover Song of the Day: The Lounge Kittens – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Saw this one being kicked about on the Team Rock page earlier. The three ladies who make up The Lounge Kittens take well-known songs, decide on a style that would really twist it around a bit and then really make [...]

June 4, 2014 Classic Covers

Cover Song of the Day: Bev & Bob – Chop Suey

Well, you know my proviso that all good covers have to take the original song and make it their own? Well, in this case Bev & Bob have taken Chop Suey and turned it into something so much of their [...]

May 17, 2014 Classic Covers

Cover Song of the Day: Slayer’s “War Ensemble”… on the ukelele!

This one was posted up by one of the groups I follow on facebook and it’s an ideal candidate. A bit mental, well-played, an original rendition, a classic track… yeah, this has earned the right to be Cover Song of [...]

May 13, 2014 Classic Covers