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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Classic Covers: Michelle Kwan – One

It’s always interesting hearing a classic song played on instruments you’d not normally associate with the source material. We’ve had AC/DC on bagpipes and cello and banjo, Slayer by an orchestra, Iron Maiden on the harp… Now we have Metallica [...]

October 4, 2014 Classic Covers

Classic Covers: 99 Red Balloons… on red balloons!

“99 Red Balloons” (“99 Luftballons” in the original German) is a classic track that’s been covered by umpteen artists over the years. Originally released in 1983 by Nena on their self-titled debut album it’s one of those songs that everyone [...]

September 12, 2014 Classic Covers

Classic Covers: In The End by Ten Second Songs

Ten Second Songs is also known as Anthony Vincent. He’s a voice-over artist who has a YouTube channel where he covers a single song in multiple styles, in one video. He published – with their blessing – his version(s) of [...]

September 4, 2014 Classic Covers

Classic Covers: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! – Troldhaugen

Alestorm are a great band for many reasons, but one thing that puts them head and shoulders above most others is their support and promotion of the bands who open for them on tour. I’d say about half their current [...]

August 26, 2014 Classic Covers

Classic Covers: Bloodsoaked – You’re In Love

Bloodsoaked have a new album out on September 2nd called¬†Religious Apocalypse. As you may guess from their name and that of the LP, they’re generally a pretty heavy act, best fitting into the death metal genre. So of course they’ve [...]

August 12, 2014 Classic Covers

Classic Covers: Akatsuki – Soldier of Fortune

Akatsuki is well known here at Moshville Towers, being a solo musician who throws his projects our way once in a while with a “check this out and let me know what you think”. He’s in this for the love [...]

August 10, 2014 Classic Covers