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Advent 2018 Day 19: – Last Christmas

Don’t worry, you’re safe from Whamageddon here as covers and remixes don’t count. <PIG> have released a charity EP of Christmas covers available via Bandcamp. It’s “pay what you want” with every single penny of proceeds going to the International [...]

December 19, 2018 24 Songs of Xmas

Advent 2018 Day 18: Discrepancies – Let It Go

Not the first cover of “Let It Go” we’ve ever heard, but a great take on one of the most annoyingly catchy Disney songs of recent years – and the first with a rap section. My daughter still sings it [...]

December 18, 2018 24 Songs of Xmas

Advent 2018 Day 17: Slay Duggee feat. Dan Tompkins (TesseracT) – Walking in the Air

Ah, the old Christmas covers are flowing now. Wearing their daft costumes in a homage to CBeebies legend Hey Duggee (don’t diss Duggee, I got a load of Duggee stuff for my birthday), Slay Duggee are joined for this effort by [...]

December 17, 2018 24 Songs of Xmas

Advent 2018 Day 16: Shaking Corpses – Yuletide Queen

So this popped up a couple of days ago but, due to facebook being crap, we didn’t get a notification because obviously we’d not be interested in knowing that the awesome Shaking Corpses had just released their debut single… and it’s a [...]

December 16, 2018 24 Songs of Xmas

Advent 2018 Day 15: Joe Bonamassa – Christmas Comes But Once A Year

This one suggested by David Muir, and surprisingly the first time we’ve featured it. Mind, if we had used it before then there are plenty more tracks we could have picked from Bonamassa’s Big Box o’ Xmas Goodies! [...]

December 15, 2018 24 Songs of Xmas

Advent 2018 Day 14: T-Rex – Christmas Bop

T-Rex are responsible for loads of those classic tracks that you didn’t know were by T-Rex. And also, this one… [...]

December 14, 2018 24 Songs of Xmas