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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Auđn – Auđn

When thinking of black metal, Scandinavian countries such as Norway are guaranteed to be mentioned. However one country that is usually overlooked is Iceland. Iceland is a country filled with black metal bands and metal bands in general such as [...]

April 6, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: The Wretched End – In These Woods, From These Mountains

Formed out of former members from Emperor, Windir and Dark Funeral it has been four long years since new material has been released by the Wretched End. But… the wait has been worth it with this album – an album filled with [...]

April 6, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika

The one thing that strikes me with the new album by this Finnish band is that there are more folk influences within this album than previous works. With the addition of more folk-infused melodies and even choral voices the folk influences [...]

April 6, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: Old Pagan – Ogdrun Jarhar

Although Old Pagan have been around a very long time (twenty years this year to be precise). I have not been that familiar with the art the band produce. However saying that I now wish that I had heard of [...]

April 5, 2016 Album Reviews

Interview: Jørgen Sven Kirby (Sykelig Englen, Arboretum, Åpenbaring)

Jørgen is the sole member of Åpenbaring as well as dabbling with other bands. Åpenbaring’s self-titled EP was reviewed recently and we got the chance to follow this up with a few words with the man himself. What inspired you to want to [...]

April 1, 2016 Interviews

Review: Åpenbaring – Åpenbaring

Åpenbaring is the solo work of Jørgen Sven Kirby who also has other musical projects such as Sykelig Englen (Depressive Black Metal) and Arboretum (Death/folk metal). Åpenbaring is the ambient project of Jørgen and his first E.P. was released earlier in [...]

March 31, 2016 Album Reviews