Wednesday, October 23, 2019
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Interview: Paul Gillis (HonkeyHead) of Drug Honkey

The internet can be a good thing. I had heard of Drug Honkey before I had the honour of interviewing the band but it was really when I had reviewed a couple of albums from Kunal Choksi of the majestic [...]

April 28, 2019 Interviews

Album Review: Till the Fall – The Seventh Circle

Till the Fall have featured in Moshville Times of late with their most recent single “Le Cirque Des Damnés” and an interview with Cal Whittaker informing us that their debut album The Seventh Circle would be released in April. Exciting [...]

April 24, 2019 Album Reviews

Single review: This is Turin – Wrath

Cheshire based band This is Turin have been described as a blackened technical death metal band, which means that there will be a lot going on in each of their compositions. I must admit, even though I have heard a [...]

April 19, 2019 Single Reviews

Single Review: Words That Burn – Arise

Irish alternative metallers Words that Burn have been featured a few times in these pages. Even so, they are off my beaten path when it comes to musical taste. It’s been almost a year from when I last covered them [...]

April 16, 2019 Single Reviews

Album review: Wretched Fate – Fleshletting

If I had my way with this review, it would be very short and simple as all I would say is simply “buy it!”, however, I think I would receive a punishment exercise from the team if I had done [...]

April 15, 2019 Album Reviews

Interview: Ross Green of Moshville Times

Over recent times I have conducted interviews with different sides of the music industry to get their take on this minefield of a business. This time, I looked from within and none other than the Deputy Editor in Chief/Music Editor [...]

April 2, 2019 Interviews