Review: Brutality – Sea of Ignorance

Brutality are a band that I was first introduced to on the Death is just the Beginning VHS tape from Nuclear Blast in '92, I think it was. Brutality once described themselves as a “death metal opera”, and with a demo version of “Cryptorium” playing in the background and having purchased the compilation tape that … Continue reading Review: Brutality – Sea of Ignorance

Interview – Vorgok’s Edu Lopez

Not so long ago, I reviewed Vorgok's debut album Assorted Evils and regarded it as a modern day masterpiece in thrash metal.  It reignited the flame of thrash metal for me, which is something that I didn't think would happen again as I had found my new love, death metal. Assorted Evils combined the thrash heyday of the … Continue reading Interview – Vorgok’s Edu Lopez

Bloodthread / Dog Tired / Burning the Dream / Satiracy – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (6th May 2017)

On 5th of May, Bloodthread released their brand new EP Era of Corruption to the world which will hopefully open a few doors for them. However, one of Bloodthread’s main strengths is that they always play a killer show with utmost professionalism.  Having played the night before in Dumfries, it was Glasgow’s turn at the … Continue reading Bloodthread / Dog Tired / Burning the Dream / Satiracy – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (6th May 2017)

Review: BloodThread – Era of Corruption EP

Scotland has always had a death metal scene.  Even back in the day with bands like Inextremis, Korpse, Confusion Corporation and Inversus, it was incredibly tough for a Scottish band to break through the barriers and get any form of recognition.  Yes, Korpse did get a deal with Candlelight Records, but there were so many … Continue reading Review: BloodThread – Era of Corruption EP

Review: Hate – Tremendum

I am very fortunate here at Moshville Times where the reviewer can pick and choose whose album to review, so when I saw Hate was up for review, I grabbed it with both hands. There are two musical genres that take up most of my life, namely death metal (which you all knew anyway) as … Continue reading Review: Hate – Tremendum

Interview: Evocation’s Marko Palmen

Last month, I had the pleasure of reviewing an album that will already be on my album of the year list.  That album is Evocation's The Shadow Archetype. This album personified everything the listener would want for a Swedish death metal record with exceptional song writing from beginning to end. Now that Evocation have been … Continue reading Interview: Evocation’s Marko Palmen