Review: Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

Watain are a band that I have followed since I first heard one of the best black metal songs of all time, namely “Devil’s Blood” on the album Casus Luciferi in 2003. I have a deep appreciation for their musicianship, performances on stage and their beliefs and I always looked out for new Watain material … Continue reading Review: Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

Interview: “E”, vocalist with Malakhim

Sometimes when a reviewer wants to try something different from their comfort zone and come across a band that they believe have created a sound that will simply conquer, the chance the reviewer took was justified. This happened to me when I recently reviewed Demo 1 by Swedish band Malakhim with three songs that just blew … Continue reading Interview: “E”, vocalist with Malakhim

Review: Burning The Dream – Darkwaters

I have had the pleasure of seeing Burning the Dream live as they are a band that will play anytime and anywhere. They have fun on stage and always have a laugh with the crowd and get people moving with their monstrous grooves and riffs. What the band realised that they had to do, though, to … Continue reading Review: Burning The Dream – Darkwaters

2017 Crew Review – Ricky, Writer/Reviewer

What a year it has been for me and my relationship with Moshville Times. From being someone who was comfortable writing CD reviews, I watched how far more experienced members of staff were getting in touch with all these bands and interviewing them. I decided that I wanted a piece of that and stepped out … Continue reading 2017 Crew Review – Ricky, Writer/Reviewer

Interview: Max Otero of Mercyless

I have been spending a lot of time reviewing XenoKorp releases of late and it all started with this gem of a record that was recorded twenty five years ago, namely Coloured Funeral by Mercyless. This album was probably too ahead of its time when it came out but those who know and appreciate the quality of … Continue reading Interview: Max Otero of Mercyless

Review: Malakhim – Demo 1

You have to love the Scandinavians. Just when you think that they have covered every angle of extreme metal, they keep on crawling out of the woodwork with something different or make you open your cupboards and bare those bullet belts and leather jacket again. As much as my passion is death metal, sometimes you … Continue reading Review: Malakhim – Demo 1