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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Dusks Embrace – ReAwakening

Grandeur, majesty, and beauty: all desirable traits in music, but also difficult to achieve. Oregon’s Dusks Embrace succeed where other melodic prog bands fail, at least in the “sweeping majesty” stakes, thanks to elaborate chords and Aldo Calrissian’s tenor vocals. [...]

October 26, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: I Shall Devour – The Misanthropist

Debut albums are incredibly important for many reasons. It’s a risk for any label to release a debut album. It’s important for the band to nail their sound and deliver a product that will blow the minds of those whom [...]

October 22, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: Nomadic – Horror

The American progressive death/black metal band Nomadic, released their debut EP titled Horror this past spring. It includes five songs in total, and remains true to their genre in every kind of meaning. Sudden rhythm changes, crushing guitar riffs, combination of [...]

October 21, 2016 Album Reviews

Interview: Andrew Kouretas of Given Free Rein

Given Free Rein is a Greek band with an interesting take on hard rock, alternative, punk, dark and post-rock genres. The band fronted by Andrew Kouretas put out their debut album In-Ear Trip this year, which was produced, mixed and [...]

October 20, 2016 Interviews

Interview: Nomadic

Tampa in Florida is a well-known destination if you are looking for death metal, and although this genre is included in the music of Nomadic, these guys are not afraid to explore beyond this genre. The result of this exploration [...]

October 18, 2016 Interviews

Review: Azmaroth – Death Crowned King

Beginning with incredible artwork I immediately knew I would be into the debut album of Norwegian melodic death groovers Azmaroth. Death Crowned King starts with an intense sense of wonder that only becomes more intriguing as you sink deeper into it. [...]

October 10, 2016 Album Reviews