Tuesday, December 11, 2018
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Band of the Day: Remark

Russian post-grunge rockers Remark are hot off the release of their most recent EP: Keep Running. The release packs a wallop for the fans, drawing influences from across the rock spectrum, even including a couple of covers. While the EP more [...]

May 29, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Cancel

I have to say, when I opened an email to find the above picture in it, I was not quite expecting such a vicious and wild style of music to come with it. That’s right, folks, Cancel might look like [...]

May 28, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Go Gracious

Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry, James Hetfield and the word “Yeah”; some duos are simply dynamic and feel right when they are together. As much can be said for today’s Band of the Day, Go Gracious, a delightfully punny [...]

May 27, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Kint

Italian noise punkers Kint are on the cusp of releasing their debut album Stoned Immaculate, an album which promises to be heavy enough to crush your skull under its sheer weight. In order to get all you lovely metalheads excited for [...]

May 26, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Bear Chest

You know what I love? Sludge and stoner metal. It manages to sound massive and threatening, yet also seems delicate and intricate in a way that is somehow beyond perception. Know what else I love? Bears. Bears are basically the [...]

May 25, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Wolf Culture

Slowly but surely, pop-punk is making a resurgence. The genre has long lain dormant since its glorious reign over the ears of teens and adults alike during the mid-noughties, though just like a volcano, pop punk is ready to explode [...]

May 24, 2018 Band of the Day