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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Pure – J’aurais Dû

Fancy listening to some happy, melodic, and unintimidating music? Too bad. Sit down, son, it’s black metal time. The Swiss raw black metal outfit Pure has returned with a fourth album, J’aurais Dû, and it is absolutely loaded with melancholic, down-tuned guitars, [...]

May 31, 2017 Album Reviews

Review: No Funeral – Misanthrope

Sludgy, slow, and heavier than an obese rhino: perhaps the only way you can describe Misanthrope, debut release of Minnesotan doom metal quartet No Funeral. Having formed back in 2011, No Funeral have been recording and releasing demos and singles since 2013, with [...]

May 29, 2017 Album Reviews

Band of the Day: Endeavour

If you like your metal to be laden with proggy melodies, yet still pack a punch, then today’s Band of the Day, Endeavour, are just the band for you. The Bristol-based quartet have only just this past week released their [...]

May 29, 2017 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Nightqueen

Symphonic powermetal is perhaps the most unique heavy metal sub-genres to have been created, a bizarrely brilliant combination of operatic singing, sweeping guitar solos, and enough energy to rally a war-cry amongst a group of angry vikings. Adhering closely to [...]

May 27, 2017 Band of the Day

Review: Triverse Massacre – Hades

Up-and-coming death metal heavyweights Triverse Massacre have returned once more, with their newest release, Hades, out today. The Carlisle-based quintet have had quite a runaway success since the release of their debut EP, In The Jaws of Deceit, having both won the Carlisle [...]

May 26, 2017 Album Reviews

Hideous Divinity Announce UK Dates

Italian technical death metal quintet Hideous Divinity have announced that they will be returning to the UK for a short-run tour. Sponsored by Bristol Death Fest, the band will be promoting their recently released their third studio album, Adveniens, and will be [...]

May 22, 2017 Tours/Live Dates