Tuesday, November 12, 2019
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Gig Review: Royal Republic / Blackout Problems – Garage, Glasgow (20th October 2019)

A situational deja vú hit me this evening as I went to the Garage for the second time in a couple of weeks to see a band that I had only discovered a couple of weeks prior. My last trip [...]

October 21, 2019 Gig Reviews

Album Review: Archer Nation – Beneath the Dream

A couple of years back, Annihilator toured these shores and brought a bunch of young upstarts with them. These young upstarts were Archer Nation, and we were impressed with their metal display as a support act. In 2019, Annihilator returned [...]

October 21, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: FirstBourne – Pick Up The Torch

A genre I rarely find myself listening to is AOR. Which is a shame as there are some classic acts within it, and some awesome tracks. Thing is, AOR seems to be the domain of eldsters (of which I sadly [...]

October 20, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: Santa Cruz – Katharsis

This one came out of nowhere and landed on my desk via the actual mail. Once I’d remembered how CDs worked, I popped it in and gave it a spin… Santa Cruz released their debut in 2013, and it’s taken [...]

October 17, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: Russ Bergquist – The Russ Bergquist Project

For those who’ve not heard of Russ Bergquist before, he’s a former bassist for Annihilator and the current one for Touch The Sun. This album is quite literally his own project. While performing with other bands, he’s had ideas kicking [...]

October 16, 2019 Album Reviews

EP Review: Sons of Alpha Centauri – Buried Memories

Instrumental post-metal isn’t usually my bag, but in the right context (kicking back reading a book), it makes for good background noise… and I’ve discovered that Sons of Alpha Centauri are great for this kind of generating atmosphere for a [...]

October 16, 2019 Album Reviews