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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Yigga Digga – Faded Glory

Bm Tsch Bm Bm tsch, is the sound of someone articulating a drumbeat and Yigga Digga is the verbalisation of a guitar riff… and the name of a heavy rock band from Pittsburgh. More information is heading your way ladies [...]

June 3, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: The Chikitas – Wrong Motel

Formed in the city of Geneva, The Chikitas a duo made up of Lynn Maring and Saskia Fuertes have been eliminating rock cells since the release of their debut album in 2011. Five years on, The Chikitas add a third [...]

May 7, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: Anti-Clone – The Root of Man

In the 90s a generic genre was created. A genre that didn’t just explode but took over a scene where a few bands changed the way we hear heavy rock. A small number carried this revolution while many tried to [...]

April 7, 2016 Album Reviews

Sixx: AM – Prayers for the Damned

It started in 2007 with Nikki Sixx’s autobiography The Heroin Diaries – A year in the life of a Shattered Rock star, later that year a soundtrack was made for the book and Sixx: AM were formed. Since then, three [...]

April 1, 2016 Album Reviews

Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves – This Can’t Get Any Worse

With the immense popularity of staged cover musicians seeking their 15 minutes of fame by destroying classic songs, music seems lost…but there’s hope. From the misty streets of Edinburgh, through the smoke of Hell come Motorhead and Slayer influenced – [...]

March 26, 2016 Album Reviews