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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Saturday Video Roundup: Merge, Finding Kate, Hunter Kill Hunter, Palace of the King

Normally I look forward to the weekend. Then I get one that’s going to be busier than the usual working week, just to throw me for a loop. Grr.

Merge – “Soaring”

New alternative rock band Merge from Paris have premiered a brand new video for “Soaring”, taken from Merge’s upcoming album Ineffable which will be released on the 2nd December 2016. Talking about the new video, vocalist Max Rodriguez-Medallo says:

“Soaring” is about never giving up. Sometimes, when you think that you’re down and alone, you might find a hand to pull you up and help you getting back on your feet. The video shows the relationship between a girl and her widowed father who tries to stop her from dancing, like her mother used to. When he realises that she is dancing in secret, he goes completely mental and tries to destroy everything related to her passion. It’s all about struggling with what you love and finding a way to do it. This is personally my favourite song of the album and I’ve been feeling this way all along the writing and recording process.

Finding Kate – “Forever”

Evocative alt-rock artist Kate Pavli reveals her band Finding Kate and new single “Forever”. The track has already picked up extensive radio airplay on Kerrang Radio’s Fresh Blood show and is taken from Kate’s debut album If I Fall, out Friday 18th November.

Hunter Kill Hunter – “We Are The Blame”

London based Hunter Kill Hunter have just released their latest track ‘We Are The Blame’ along with a darkly surreal video. The band explain:

We have all faced ridicule whilst growing up, and it is often hard to not let that deter you from being what you truly want to be. This song is for everyone else who has also felt like this at any point in their life, as well as a call out to anyone who has ever tried to put us down.

The ‘King’ character in the video represents all those that have ever put pressure on us to live a certain way or put us down for living the way we choose to. It represents anyone that has ever spoken ill of us about something behind our backs, but retracted the comments when face to face.

He also represents the negativity we hold within ourselves, often brought about by external influences. The King is eventually responsible for his own demise by way of his gluttony and general toxicity.

Palace of the King – “Empire Of The Sun”

Palace of the King unveiled their second full length album Valles Marineris in July 2016 which deepens the band’s footprint on the international rock music scene by expanding on the “raw, energetic, imaginative and boundary-pushing” (Dedicated Rocker Society) qualities of their debut through an all-new 10 track collection of blues and psych-infused hard rock.

Vocalist Tim Henwood commented upon the new album release:

I feel like we’re really honing in on our own distinctive sound now. I love our early recordings but after traveling around the world and playing over 300 shows in our first three years as a band, we’re growing and evolving. It’s real, it’s from the heart.

If you’re on mainland Europe then keep your eyes peeled for them on the road this month.

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