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EXCLUSIVE – new video from Ramage Inc., only here on Moshville Times!

“Within circles” is the latest track and lyric video from prog metallers Ramage Inc., hailing from Edinburgh. The track is taken from their current album Earth Shaker which is available from their Bandcamp page or via Amazon which will net us a couple of pennies in commission as well! Sheggs reviewed it for us a while back.

Earth Shaker

Earth Shaker

Bryan Ramage, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of Ramage Inc., when asked about the lyrics of the song:

The lyrics were written from the perspective of a man trying to fit in/find his way in the world, constantly battling with social anxiety and forcefully trying different approaches to his outward personality. The female voice is his own consciousness. Finally he stops caring about how the world sees him due to having no control over it and decides to be himself and finally feels at home.

Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art has once again excelled himself with this video.

I always feel a blend of excitement and pressure when I’m interpreting such personal themes into a visual form, as I don’t want my part in the process to dictate the audience’s own reaction too much, rather just enhance its delivery. For this piece I allowed my emotional response to the music to drive the aesthetic rather than the words, simply taking the broad idea of isolation as my seed. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever worked on, and I think the video is one of my strongest as a result.

You can catch Ramage Inc. live at The Firebug, Leicester for a Resin Events xmas bash on Dec 17th. Tickets available now.

Ramage Inc: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | bandcamp

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