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Saturday Video Roundup: Bad Solution, Meshuggah, Conspire, Backdawn

Time to paaaaarty! Here’s your first bunch of weekend choons…

Bad Solution – “Dear Sarah”

Five piece Kingston metal band Bad Solution have released their awesome new video for their brand new song “Dear Sarah”. The video is incredibly powerful, and echoes the song’s theme of child abduction. Vocalist Alex comments:

Dear Sarah is a story about child abduction and the pain it causes their parents. It is dedicated to the families and all those who have experienced such horrors. It’s a subject that is very close to home for us, so the song has a lot of personal meaning. We can’t wait to get this song out there to the masses, it’s a powerful track and we think people will bang their heads to it.

Meshuggah – “Clockworks”

Swedish extreme tech-metal pioneers Meshuggah have released their eighth studio album, The Violent Sleep Of Reason. In celebration of the new album, the band have released a video for “Clockworks”. James reviewed the album and rather liked it – you can get it on Amazon and help support this site: [amazon text=download&asin=B01JZN3XQ0] / [amazon text=CD&asin=B01JO74HBM] / [amazon text=vinyl&asin=B01JO74KJ6] / [amazon text=vinyl (picture disc)&asin=B01JO74H5S]

Conspire – “1971”

Tampa, FL’s Conspire has released a video for their track “1971” off their upcoming InVogue Records LP The Scenic Route, set for release on November 11, 2016. Vocalist Parker Armstrong says:

1971 is about learning lessons from humanity’s low points. Different forms of oppression seem to stay alive cross-generationally. When and where one is born never justifies carrying on hate for the sake of tradition. We all have potential to make a positive impact in the history books of tomorrow. This song isn’t so much a cry for political correctness, but more a pursuit of personal convictions in sorting out the genuine from ghosts of our past.

Backdawn – “I Saw Him Drowning”

Continuing on the success of recent album I Shall Burn Your Empire, French metal outfit Backdawn now release a brand spanking new video for track “I Saw Him Drowning”. Vocalist and guitarist Chris Snaeder explains the story of the video:

It follows a Satanist Guru, introducing a new follower into the sect, he passes his powers to the person in a codified ritual that caricatures similar rituals found in Christianity. At the end the leader commits suicide by drowning.

The song subject came from a personal experience of Snaeder’s having come across someone drowning during the time that he was writing lyrics and songs for the album.

I saved his life. I needed to write a song about the event, I was so upset that day. The person was dying in front of a dozen people without anyone going to help them. The song, and this clip are a way to say that life goes on, no matter who’s alive or dead, but also that life deserves to be lived, with passion and determination. Death is a part of life and yet everyone should have the time to accomplish something and to leave their trace about them.


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