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Obzidian launch new lyric video for “Sins Here Are Purified”

Midlands Thrash Metallers Obzidian are all set to release their third full length album Obliteration Process on Monday 28th November. Before that, though, they are excited to unleash the first single and music video from the album, which is also the first track on the album, “Sins Here Are Purified”.

obzidian-obliteration-process“Sins Here Are Purified” is an observation on the impact prostitution has had on society for many years and the effects on people’s lives from both ends of the spectrum. The song is from a different perspective and comes from the point of a girl who finds herself in the position being looked at as the bottom feeders of society perhaps and it asks the question, maybe we should open our minds sometimes to why these people find themselves in that position? As desperation can drive people to things they don’t even know they were capable of.

The new video was commissioned by Very Metal Art who also created all the artwork for the new album. Paul Hayward of Obzidian had the following comment on working with Andy:

Andy and Very Metal Art have this amazing knack of understanding the material and the theme behind it even if they have never seen or heard the actual music previously. VMA can somehow connect with the material on a level that usually only the band members who write the material do and he absolutely nails the theme and feel of a song or album every time. The attention to detail is amazing and I am always impressed at the quality of the work and the speed at which he is able to deliver it. It’s tough to find a person who can just understand what you are after or what you are trying to convey with minimal info and only the sound and feel of a song or concept to go on. He is a true visionary and we wouldn’t use anyone else.

It also helps that Andy is so ingrained in the metal business as a whole that he knows his clients very well even without much of a brief and always delivers ahead of time and with consistent quality. His videos capture the feel and message of the songs and his artwork is second to none. A true artist in every sense of the word.

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