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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Monday Video Roundup: Cruzh, DGM, King Company, Palace (SWE)

A bunch up today all of which are from albums due for release on August 26th – and three of them are debut albums to boot!

Cruzh – “First Cruzh”

Apparently the name is pronounced “Crush”, but having a “z” in it makes it more rock, as we all know. Formed from the ashes of Swedish glam rock outfit TrashQueen, Cruzh play melodic AOR with more than a bit owed to the likes of Def Leppard, Toto and so on. Their debut album, following on from two EPs, is simply called Cruzh.

DGM – “Animal”

DGM are today’s odd ones out in that they’re about to release their eighth, rather than first, album. The Passage hits the streets on the same date of August 26th, though, and contains a bunch of prog metal tracks including the one below. Evergrey singer Tom Englund and Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo also appear as special guests.

King Company – “Shining”

After a name-change from No Man’s Land, Finnish band King Company are about to release their debut album. Featuring a line-up consisting of the cream of Finnish musicians, we have a band that plays Europe-esque hard rock. One More For The Road is out at the end of August.

Palace (SWE) – “Master of the Universe”

The final debutants today are Sweden’s Palace with the title track from their forthcoming album. Their chosen genre is 80’s arena rock and they even have the long curly hair to match! Seriously, it’s like being a teenager again. Except I’ve got bad joints and a mortgage.

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