Thursday, October 27, 2016
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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Saturday Video Roundup – King Satan, Eat Me, Scorpion Child, As Lions

I’m writing this on Friday so I’ve no idea what the weather’s like so – either rock hard to the following tunes to warm/dry yourselves in the crap weather or sink a cold one while you listen to them in the sun!

King Satan – “Psygnosis”

Ah, Finland. Home of slightly Elvish looking women, quality vodka and industrial metal bands who name singles after obscure 1990’s 16-bit computer gaming companies… “Psygnosis” will feature on the band’s new album which has yet to have a firm release date attached.

Eat Me – “Boy”

Some mad punk sounds for you from Eat Me who have just signed to Venn Records. “Boy” will be on the wonderfully titled Melon Enema due out this summer.

Scorpion Child – “Reaper’s Danse”

Scorpion child released their new album Acid Roulette yesterday, along with this new video from it.

As Lions – “White Flags”

As Lions haven’t even released their debut EP yet and they’ve already played Wembley with FFDP, a packed Camden Rocks show and Download (yesterday). I guess someone thinks they’re destined for big things. Take this chance to judge for yourselves.

Header image by Kim Støvring and used under CC license.

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