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Not Today discuss new video

Not Today - HeadwayWith a band name inspired by a line in Toy Story, it’s evident that the quintet are all about looking on the brighter side of life. Sophomore EP Headway (out on May 20th) is a musical testament to that fact, its 5 tracks bubbling with bright, upbeat effervescence. “When it comes down to it, pop punk is an absolute blast to play,” says vocalist Alex, his PMA unshaken by the crowded state of the UK pop punk community; “The scene might be a little saturated, but we try to make sure that our music isn’t paint by numbers pop punk and has its own character”. Here the band discuss the creation of their video for track “Growing Backwards”:

“Growing Backwards” was the song we decided to release first because it’s got a catchy chorus, a memorable lead guitar line and lyrics letting everyone know that we’re here to stay! It may not be the fastest or most technical song on the EP, but it’s definitely got a solid pop punk vibe we’re wanting people to recognise us for.

When we were discussing what to have as our music video’s main theme, we knew we wanted it to perfectly encompass the lyrical theme of the song – living your life regardless of what holds you back. The idea we all came to agreement on was pretty simple: a positive and energetic performance juxtaposed with a melancholic and dull performance.

Henry Cox directed the video for us in the squash court of Mitch’s old halls of residence – no toilets and a lot of energy drinks led to some problems along the way! The part of the shoot that took the longest was needing to re-arrange all of the equipment for each separate shot of the suits scenes – Henry wanted to get about 10 different layouts so there’d be plenty of variation. After we’d done all of these scenes, we donned our finest band tees for the energetic scenes which took less than an hour to record! We finished the day with the confetti cannon and with only one of them, we mustered up what little bit of energy we had left and jumped around as much as we could.

Henry had the video back to us within a few days and we just couldn’t stop talking about how much we liked it. Around 2 weeks after we finished filming our video, As It Is released their music video for their new song, Winter’s Weather, coincidentally with a pretty similar video theme to ours. We really want to believe they took their inspiration from us, so we’ll keep living in that dream world until someone bursts our bubble! Despite the cheap shots and setbacks, the video we got hit the nail on the head with what we were looking for. It really shows what the song and the EP is all about in the best way possible and perfectly reflects who we are – 5 pop-punkers doing whatever we can to make this work with our everyday lives and day jobs.

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