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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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How to piss off the venues and press who support you (courtesy of Majik Carpet)

I was in two minds about writing this post as it could affect a bunch of young musicians who just did something silly as the youth are wont to do. I remember doing daft stuff when I was young (vaguely… [...]

Feb 8, 2018 Features

Steve McDonald & Andy McFarlane’s “Little Pub of Horrors” exhibition open now

Bannermans Bar in Edinburgh once more plays host to a local photo exhibition and we’re more than happy to give Steve and Andy a plug (again!). The new exhibition launched over Halloween, but is open throughout November. It’s a Halloween/horror themed [...]

Nov 1, 2016 News

Rock art exhibition at Bannerman’s, Edinburgh

We like something a bit different here at Moshville Towers, so a recent email from Steve McDonald caught my eye. Rather than being another request for an EP review or an interview or tour dates in Alaska that it’s unlikely [...]

Jun 20, 2015 Tours/Live Dates
Love/Hate / Knock Out Kaine – Bannermans, Edinburgh

Love/Hate / Knock Out Kaine – Bannermans, Edinburgh

[photos on Flickr: Knock Out Kaine / Love/Hate] This turned out to be my second visit to Bannermans after popping in for a couple of beers during the Fringe a couple of years ago. I’d forgotten the name of the [...]

Mar 27, 2013 Gig Reviews