Thursday, March 22, 2018
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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Acid Reign – The Man Who Became Himself

When your editor asks you if you’d like to review an as-yet unreleased track by thrash metal legends Acid Reign, you don’t say no. The upcoming single by the British quintet, “The Man Who Became Himself”, will be released at the end of this week as a taster of what’s in store for fans who are already fired-up for their April Fools UK tour, kicking off next month.

The eagerly awaited follow-up to their 2015 single “Plan of the Damned”, “The Man Who Became Himself” is everything fans could have asked for and more. The track reeks of classic thrash style, starting with the quintessential muted guitar riff before Howard “H” Smith screams, unleashing an onslaught of guitar riffs, furious drumbeats, and an energy which so often goes amiss in modern metal.

The absolute crowning glory of the song comes about halfway through, when guitarists Cooky and Paul Chanter have an incredible duet. They match each other in both speed and sheer technical prowess. The riff itself is clean and clear, a classic metal guitar solo brought to life by having two guitarists imitate one another, creating a sound so crisp that it needs to be heard to be believed.

“The Man Who Became Himself” is out today, and is available to purchase [amazon text=on Amazon&asin=B06XPZVKM8] [sponsored link] or the band’s website.

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