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Gig Review: Metal 2 the Masses London 2017/18, Heat Two – The Big Red, 19 November 2017

Shockpowder (c) ShotIsOn Photography

Kicking off heat two of metal to the masses at the Big Red on Sunday night were, three-piece band Shockpowder with Joshua on guitar/vocals, Alasdair on bass and Louie playing drums. They describe themselves as post-metal, but I also noticed an indie sound to them as well. It is hard being the first band on, to entice the crowd in for the night, but they did very well. The band are currently working on various singles, inspired by post rock and metal bands such as Alcest and Heretoir, layered with melancholic vocals.

Reveal the Beast (c) ShotIsOn Photography

Next were Reveal The Beast, a three-piece band from West London consisting of Billy (lead vocals/bass), Rich (lead/rhythm guitar), Taylor (drums). I had seen these guys play before at M2tM London 2016/17 and I was looking forward to seeing them again. They did not disappoint, being just as good if not better than when I’d previously seen them. These guys are pure classic metal.

Following on from Reveal the Beast were heavy/Alternative band Leashes, consisting of Alexi (vocals), Miery (bass), Gunnar (guitar), and Graeme (drums). The influence of Linkin Park was evident from the first song and I noticed it throughout their set, at times though I also felt an element of Glassjaw in Alexi’s vocals. They gave a very energetic and passionate performance. If you’d like to see them they are playing a show at The Islington on December 30th.

Leashes (c) ShotIsOn Photography

Last to play were Dirty ol’ Crow. These guys looked interesting from the moment they jumped up on stage to set up. Looking a little 80s rock style, we did not know what their show would be like, but oh boy they did not disappoint. With two guitarists, Michi and Filippo, Dom on bass, Keltor on drums and Vik doing vocals they have quite a stage presence. Vik is was an excellent frontman, rock n’ roll at its best, with hair whipping and stage sliding and microphone stands swinging around… the large crowd that had formed lapped them up. Surprisingly they only formed in April 2017, all of the members came from other bands to join this hard rock/punk rock band. Another surprise was that it was their first performance together. I can say nobody would have guessed this!

As usual there was the scrabble to vote and then tension waiting for the results. Mick likes a chat at the end of the night to keep everyone in suspense. The results are… drum roll… Reveal The Beast and Dirty Ol’ Crow! Well done to them and the other two bands who took part, another amazing night of live music.

Photos by Ryan Whitwell of ShotIsOn Photography

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