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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Silk Road – The Big Red, London (15th October 2017)

Unfortunately DogState had to pull from Sunday Joint due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, but Silk Road still went ahead and played. They are a hard rock/metal band originally from Oxford but now based in London, with influences like Pearl Jam and Guns N’ Roses.

They are used to a slightly heavier set but they toned it down for the acoustic rock ‘n’ metal night at the Big Red on Sunday 15th October. Bradley Taylor, the vocalist, brought along his harmonica which brought a lovely blues sound to the set. Normally they have a full drum set but their drummer made use of his box seat to tap on to the beat.

As it was originally two bands playing, Silk Road had only planned to play four songs, but they creatively improvised during their set. Bradley performed a very comedic ditty along with some bluesy harmonica playing to fill the time, which went down very well with the crowd. It takes a very talented to person to be able to come up with a tune, lyrics and make people laugh on the spot like he did. Hence they got a huge round of applause with cheers at the end. I also hope someone bought them some beers!

Photos by ShotIsOn Photography

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