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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Butcher in the Fog / Cities of Mars – The Dev, London (20th October 2017)

On Friday night I went down to the Devonshire Arms in Camden to see Butcher in the Fog again, it had only been a week since I’d seen them perform for the first time at The Big Red. But I was keen to see them again.

Cities of Mars (c) Danni Garner

But first to play were Cities of Mars, a band I had not seen or heard of until that night, but wow I am glad I did get to hear them! Describing themselves as a “Fuzzed out doom trio from Gothenburg, Sweden.” They say their influences are Tool, The Obsessed and Mastodon, but they also reminded me of another band I love, Icelandic band Sólstafir.

They have a similar style of going from heavy to atmospheric smoothly and creatively, keeping your ears alert but almost sending you into a trance. There was so much bass at times from Danne Palm, that when I stood near the amp I got a nice refreshing breeze. They are now finishing up their European tour, but I hope to see them back in the UK again soon.

Butcher in the Fog (c) Danni Garner

Butcher in the Fog were on shortly afterwards, with a lot of support from the crowd. Heavier than Cities of Mars so dancing and moshing ensued. They did famously strip mid-set and Kumar (bassist) got some heckling from the crowd about his sexual dance moves with his bass, but he handled this very smoothly! Rock ‘n’ roll, Kumar!

Yanni kept his shoes on this time, but that didn’t hinder his performance, still on point with his vocals and music making sure the crowd were engaged and having a good night. I am looking forward to hearing their new material when it’s released.

Photos by Danni Garner

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