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Motocultor Warm-up: Boisson Divine / Yarost’ / Iron Klaw – The Fridge, Bordeaux (5th August 2017)

For once something metal happens in my region and I had the honour to be part of it as co-organiser. I thank the Motocultor Festival for their trust as well as giving us the dream opportunity of organising a concert just like we wanted. It was a very special and busy experience for me but I could not miss my duty of live reporter.

The night started with a classic heavy metal band, Iron Klaw. It’s usually not my cup of tea but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the execution of their compositions and more importantly by the energy they deployed with a lot of ease. They knew how to take advantage of the special layout of the venue to entertain the audience as well as possible. Is there anything better than playing among the crowd and on the bar?

For quite a young band, Iron Klaw have made a lot of progress in the space of a few months and nailed the challenging task of warming up the venue hands down. I’m glad they had this opportunity to significantly get somewhere and I’m positive regarding their future.

Here as well the disposition of the venue was an advantage for the band. There was a kind of lifted lounge with comfy armchairs on the right of the stage. This plus a glass of wine made the perfect conditions to properly enjoy Yarost’. Between the plenitude, the long sound “landscapes” passing like a peaceful travel formed by the work of the bass and the aggressiveness and rawness in the voice, all the contrasts were gathered and well exploited.

However, the main part of the set was more doom than stoner as announced but it didn’t prevent me from enjoying the universe of this band and I highly recommend you to listen to their music on bandcamp. Even if they brought some fresh air with a radical change of register and atmosphere, the attention of a part of the audience was hard to keep.

But this was not a problem for too long since Boisson Divine arrived and filled the audience with enthusiasm again. Pogos, walls of death, wheelchair slams, this warm-up had nothing to envy from some festivals!

As for me, it was funny to hear a heavy version of village party tunes as well as the rugby spirit with « 3ème mi-temps » (= after-match) that might speak to some of us! Their uniqueness lies in the lyrics in Gascon (local dialect) accompanied by traditional instruments and melodies played by Pereg and Ayla.

Boisson Divine were happy to be back in Bordeaux and we could feel the effects. All of this reflects my very personal vision of the culture and the folklore of this wide region along with folk metal in general. It’s a double-edged sword depending on what you look for. This might not be the most complex thing in the genre but what is done is well done and it will always remain as efficient as it is.

Despite the tiredness, I had a super and very satisfying evening. The venue made it feel like a night out in a metal bar, which made it even better. A big thanks to everyone in the team and especially to Laurent, the venue owner, for trusting us and being open-minded. I really liked The Fridge, it looks really promising to me but unfortunately, it will be scandalously demolished in December. I hope there will be other cool events until then!

Boisson Divine: official | facebook | bandcamp

Yarost’: facebook | bandcamp

Iron Klaw: facebook | bandcamp

Photos by Claude Chateau

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