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Cavina – The Monarch, London (9th July 2017)

Originally from Brazil, brothers Eduardo Cavina (lead vocals/bass) and Matteus Cavina (backing vocals/guitar), together with Javier Sanchez on drums, make up metal band Cavina, now based in London.

Cavina (c) Ryan Whitwell

I first saw Cavina at Metal to the Masses London 2017, where they made it to the second semi-final. I really enjoyed their performance; with influences such as Black Sabbath, Motörhead and Led Zeppelin I was keen to hear more from them. Luckily for me they opened for the legendary Metalworks on Sunday night at The Monarch in Camden, London. The night was also the release of their new EP Part of You. I had been privileged to listen to the EP a few days before and Cavina told me the concept of the EP is about “knowing yourself, accepting who you really are and fighting your demons inside”.

When I arrived at the venue, the band were chilling outside in the garden with a beer. Matteus and I chatted about why the band moved to the UK. They explained it’s because they love the music scene here, later saying us Brits respect musicians and appreciate live music so much.

Cavina (c) Ryan Whitwell

The band were originally playing at 8pm, but were kindly told by the venue, that there was no hurry to get on stage and they could chill out for a bit longer as it was still quiet in the pub, yet by 9pm things were ready to start. Before the band performed, “Walking Through The Valley” (the intro track on their new EP) was played to the audience. They then went straight into their first song “Weak Flesh” also from their new EP Part of You. This song is one of my favourites, probably as you can hear the influence of Black Sabbath in it.

Cavina went on to play songs from their debut self-titled EP, and finished the set with “What I Am”, another new song from Part of You and a very catchy one – I am singing it now as I write about it. Cavina finished their set to a roaring reception, audience members were wanting to high five them and tell them how much they enjoyed the set, which is always nice for the bands to hear. I think they also scored some free beers!

Cavina (c) Ryan Whitwell

After their set, while the band were drinking beers and shaking hands with fans, I went to check out their merch table. I purchased myself a Cavina t-shirt that I had seen and admired on a couple of fans earlier that night, then grabbed myself a drink and joined Ryan (our photographer covering the show) and Cavina to watch Metalworks.

Photos by Ryan Whitwell.

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Cavina: official | facebook | instagrambandcamp | soundcloud

Set List:

  • Intro – Walking Through the Valley
  • Weak Flesh
  • Stolen
  • Better
  • My World
  • Sokratis Demons
  • Walker
  • The Hero
  • What I am

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