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Gig Review: Sodom / Blackened Ritual, Classic Grand, Glasgow (14/5/2017)

This gig was certainly a long time coming. Scotland’s fans of German thrash metal legends Sodom have been chomping at the bit for a Glasgow gig for ages, and it finally came.

Opening proceedings was Perth heavyweights Blackened Ritual (6). The venue was about half-full and still filling during their set, so the atmosphere was still building. The band performed well with their tight rhythms and heavy sound but, unfortunately the crowd response was rather lukewarm. A few heads were nodding here and there though the audience were clearly saving their energy for the headliners. It’s a shame that the crowd didn’t get into the band as much as they could have, since they’re definitely an upcoming Scottish band to watch out for.

The time for Sodom (8) came. The crowd erupted as guitarist Bernemann, drummer Makka and frontman Tom Angelripper entered the room soundtracked by the intro to “In Retribution”. The energy in the room was electric as the band launched into the aforementioned number. The fans rapturous noise was continuous throughout the entire show. There were cheers and chants aplenty between songs. The football game-style chants of “We love you Sodom. We do!” were particularly touching, especially since this was Sodom’s debut on Scottish shores.

The setlist was a perfect blend of Sodom classics from throughout their 36-year career. Their latest album, Decision Day, was represented by the opening tune; “Caligula”, “Sacred Warpath”, “Blood Lions”, and “Rolling Thunder”. The past was represented by ragers like “Sodomy and Lust”, “Agent Orange”, their cover of Motorhead’s “Iron Fist” (tributed to the legendary Lemmy Kilmister), “Blasphemer”, “Ausgebombt” and “Bombenhagel”. There were endless moshpits to Sodom’s thrashing classics, and crowd surfers flying throughout the show. A good time was clearly being had by all – it was evident from the crowd response, as well as the beaming smiles across the band member’s faces.

German thrash metal legends Sodom’s debut gig in Glasgow went down a storm. The band played fast, heavy and aggressive, and the fans went wild to the onslaught of thrashing anthems. It was a long wait for Sodom to finally perform in Scotland, and hopefully after this gig it won’t be long before they return.

Blackened Ritual: facebook | youtube | myspace | soundcloud

Sodom: official | facebook

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