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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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The Bottom Line – The Joiners, Southampton 15th Jan 2017

The Joiners in Southampton, although a small venue, brings you very close to the bands and you really feel the music. This was The Bottom Line’s first headline tour that they put together and promoted themselves. It’s been a great success, bringing in local bands from each area to be their support acts.

The thing you first notice apart from the drums and speakers is the fantastic lighting setup that The Bottom Line had brought with them via their lighting director Jon. This lux-laden collection turned a small venue setup into something you’d expect to see at an arena.

The band came out to the Star Wars theme and just exploded into song. As they always do, they brought the crowd into the fold. Getting hands in the air, showing the bird and jumping. They never fail to make you feel almost as if you are part of the band, like backing dancers.

I will say that prior to March when they toured with Simple Plan I always felt that although The Bottom Line were a great up and coming band, there was something lacking. Don’t ask me what… but just something. They came back from that tour and played at The Joiners again and I saw a new band that blew my socks off. Yes it was The Bottom Line but WOW! The music, the stage presence, the performance was simply incredible.

As the guys got the crowd to jump to their songs the floor was bending, bending to the will of the band. The crowd were singing and clapping, there was even a mosh pit that formed. Oh, and I must not forget the drink-off between a member of the crowd and the stage manager (who won) – but they still gave the challenger a free t-shirt.

Max did a solo during their cover of “Teenage Dirtbag” (with naughty girl posing included). Callum, during the show, performed four guitar swings of which two failed in spectacular fashion. He did claim that in five years he has never missed but as he says, once he commits he commits. He also performed their acoustic song “When I Come Around”. The crowd got their phone lighters out and really listened to his words.

At the end of the show two confetti cannons exploded and threw a rainbow cloud into the crowd, ending what was already a fantastic spectacle of a show.

The only way to describe a gig with The Bottom Line is this: You will find yourself smiling. Not only to the music but just the showmanship of the guys. If you’re a head-nodder or floor-jumper you will not be able to stop. The songs are infectious, the guys are such nice people and the shows always a step above the rest. I know they have been around for about five years now, but this year I think will be their year.

Set list

  • I Shy
  • Everything
  • Pull Me Out
  • Drive Through
  • A Little Much
  • Friends
  • A* in Punk Rock
  • Gotta Quit
  • Teenage Dirtbag (Cover)
  • Insecure
  • When I Come Around
  • Record Player

All photos by Amy Harris-Abbott of CE Photography

The Bottom Line: facebook | twitter

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