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Aussie Wrecking Crew ft. Massive, Tequila Mockinbird & Black Aces + All Suns Blazing – Cathouse, Glasgow (10th October 2016)

Now, I’ll confess that I’m secretly a massive fan of rock and roll. It was the first kind of ‘guitar-driven’ music I listened to, so as a result it’s always had a special place in my listening list. Whilst these days, I don’t listen to it as much as I used to, I still enjoy a good old riff and groove. Which lead me to make my way down to this gig…

Before the show, I had a chat with… Some rather giddy Australian ladies, some awesome lads from Victoria (I think), and some rather drunk lads from Melbourne. Those chats will be online within the next few days. Anyway, onto the show!

all-suns-blazing_cathouse_jc-9First up on the stage were local boys, All Suns Blazing (8). Having a kind of Blues rock vibe, the quartet set about showing the slowly growing crowd what they were all about. With tasteful solos from the frontman and some serious grooving on the bass, I felt as though I’d gone back to the 80’s and was witnessing the birth of the next big thing. I can see these guys doing quite well in the future and I really rather enjoyed watching them.

black-aces_cathouse_jc-11Next up were the first band of the wrecking crew, Black Aces(9). Taking things in a completely different vein with their up-tempo hard rock, they got the now reasonable sized crowd nicely fired up with their high energy antics. The frontman, Tyler, in particular was very lively, darting back and forth across the stage and really getting into his solos. Whilst his bandmates not have had as much energy, they were equally as into the performance and their set was almost over too quickly. That’s my only grip with them, their set wasn’t long enough. Aside from that though, they were outstanding and I highly look forward to seeing them again.

tequila-mockingbyrd_cathouse_jc-16After a speedy changeover, it was time for the ladies of Tequila Mockingbyrd(9) to come to the stage. Coming on stage in a slightly more subdued manner, any idea of calm was shattered as soon as the music kicked in with the vocals of front-woman Estelle shattering the peace. Bassist Jess seemed to have the same idea as Tyler as she dancing all around the stage in time to music whilst playing. With their unique brand of ‘hard rock’ the trio brought the house down and had the eager crowds eating of their hands for more. As with Black Aces, my only real gripe was that their set wasn’t long enough. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from these ladies soon!

massive_cathouse_jc-14After another equally quick changeover, the Massive(9) boys were ready to return to the Glasgow stage. Exploding on stage, the quartet immediately set about showing the crowd exactly what they were about. Tasty licks, grooving bass lines and the vocals of front man Brad made for an impressive soundscape which the audience lapped up like thirsty dogs. My only gripe with them was that you couldn’t hear the backing vocals too much. A shame really, as there’s some rather good harmonies in some of their songs. Despite this, the band delivered a stellar show which made for a great end to the Aussie wrecking crews visit to the Scottish shores.

All photos copyright Bukavac Photography 2016.

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Massive: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

Tequila Mockingbyrd: official | facebook | twitter

Black Aces: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

All Suns Blazing: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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